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The LSC Group, Inc. is an electronic data discovery solutions company focused solely on the collection, processing, web-based hosting and production of electronically stored information.


The LSC Group’s ESI Collection teams are experts in data acquisition, analysis, recovery, as well as collection and preservation of evidence across all of the most widely used data types, sources, platforms, and devices. Our Certified Data Forensics Examiners uncover ESI utilizing state-of-the-art, forensically sound and verifiable technology and techniques to identify, capture and preserve information via physical or logical forensic imaging, targeted remote collection, cross-verified collection of mobile devices and data from social media.


To facilitate hosted review and production, ESI collected must be processed. ESI can come in hundreds of different formats, with different properties, different metadata, and potentially, different nested content. Processing finds and expands nested content, captures and organizes metadata, and extracts and normalizes text for review and production. The LSC Group's processing services, like Email Threading, Date Filtering or Metadata Extraction, enable you to use our hosted review platform or your own. We’ve built templates for the leading ECA and review tools and can customize a template to ensure pristine loads and fast, accurate and consistent processing no matter the downstream device.


Before producing any collected materials, those materials must be reviewed to separate the responsive from the nonresponsive, to screen for privilege and other sensitive content, and to understand the potential significance of their content. Modern hosted review software platforms, like Ipro's Eclipse and kCura’s Relativity, provide extensive feature sets to increase the efficiency and the quality of such work. The LSC Group's unique blend of technology and innovative applications in the hosting space has reduced the number of steps required for document review. Our environment features 24x7x365 monitoring, Dedicated hardware, At least 128-bit encryption, SSAE16, Type 2 Compliance Safe-Harbor rated, and Role based user authentication.


As electronically stored information has become more diverse and voluminous, the specificity and complexity of production formats have similarly increased. Today, productions will require a variety of formats, including native, PDF, and TIFF, with or without load files, extracted text, and other features. Conforming, to mandated production specifications is an essential component of eDiscovery success. The LSC Group’s production services include Native, PDF, TIFF and Hybrid Productions, Custom Load File Creation, Slipsheet/Placeholder Generation, and Endorsements and Bates Numbering.

The EDRM is a framework that outlines standards for the recovery and discovery of digital data and serves as guidance for gathering and assimilating electronic data during the legal and regulatory process.


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