Because of the global economy, it’s not uncommon in the course of legal and regulatory discovery for the need to translate documents from one language to the next.  Or maybe you need someone to interpret in a courtroom.  LSC has the technology and translators to assist whenever and wherever you need.  Learn more below about industry challenges and the precise solutions we provide.  Send us a challenge and check back to get information and find out how LSC can work directly for you.

During discovery, “legal firm” come across documents containing Korean language.

5000 pages
Korean to English
Timeline: 4 to 6 weeks
Budget: $140,000

LSC offered draft and certified translation services.

The first run of the document was done by machine using Systran to aid in identifying relevant documents. Machine (draft) translation is faster, less expensive and the best option for identification. The second run was human (certified) translation which cost less overall due to the elimination of nonrelevant documents during the draft. LSC was able to scale up machines and human translators to complete the project in 4 weeks all while staying on budget.

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